What’s in The Secret Sauce Used by Professional Window Cleaners

  •  When cleaning windows it’s not always what you see is what you get! Some window cleaning chemicals won’t leave streaks right away but after a good drying period a dull film will start to appear. This usually occurs if the window cleaning solution has added chemicals that won’t evaporate and are left as a residue on the glass.
  • When Purchasing a effective window cleaning chemical or solution it is usually best to purchase products that are ammonia based. Ammonia based products will evaporate quickly and not leave any residue.
  • The Benefits are that the ammonia in the solution cuts through the grease and grime on your windows giving your standard detergent a much needed boost. And that is a safer version of your mineral spirits when diluted into a bucket of water. And by using this method it really cuts down on those window streaks and smears.
  • Concentrated glass cleaners are great for use in climates where the temperature changes, especially if you are using them outdoors. A concentrated glass cleaner can be diluted with the correct amount of water for the amount of moisture in the air and the ambient temperature. Mix in more water for hot and dry climates and less water for cooler moist climates.

What is the product called?  Ammodet Ammonia Boosted Detergent

Where can you buy it from?  Many places online so simply type in the Ammodet into your browser and you are away.

How do l use it?  If you use too much the solution is too soapy and leaves streaks, too little and it does not clean the glass. After many experiments we have found the  perfect amount just happens to be the same size as your plastic cup found in your washing machine detergent boxes such as cold power and many others or around a quarter of a cup diluted into a ten litre bucket of water. As with most cleaning, hot water is best. And don’t forget to change the water when it starts to get get dirty.

Now your one step closer to becoming the window washing cleaner with squeaky clean windows.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact our friendly window cleaning team any time.

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