Residential Clients

“Trusted window cleaners of Home Owners to deliver the best results”

*We believe we offer the very best for residential cleaning for the following reasons:

On Time – Committed to always being on time to appointments made with you, as we understand your time is valuable.

Shoe Covers – Slipped over the cleaner’s feet to insure no dirt is brought in on your floors during window cleaning.

Blankets – Placed down under window sills where required to protect any particularly sensitive flooring from getting wet.

Squeaky Clean – Scientifically formulated window cleaning solution. We don’t use cheap Ammonia based cleaning solution on internal windows, as ammonia is known to stain carpets and damage polished floors. You would be surprised to learn that most cleaning companies do in fact use ammonia in their cleaning solution.

* We cover a large variety of private residences including single and two storey homes, town houses, rented tenancies, flats and many more