Price – How Much Does Window Cleaning in Melbourne Cost?



Here are 6 Critical Considerations when determining price – 

  1.  Hourly Rate or Fixed Quote? We charge based on a formula we have developed over many years that ensures fair and consistent pricing to our customers. By doing it this way the cost of window cleaning is not subject to variables such as seasonal pricing hikes when demand is high or how fast or slow a cleaner may be. And by having a firm formula and set price upfront it removes the worry about how long the cleaner is taking to do the job and other such factors such as taking breaks or talking on the phone.
  2. Complimentary property inspection?, We perform a walk through inspection, counting the number of windows, the type of windows and the any issues such as working at height or difficult to reach windows that needs to be addressed. We then use that information to put the data collected through our formula to produce a quote.
  3. General price guide. We charge a minimum of $135 and up to $350 for a half day of window cleaning.  That is capped at four hours. Most days are split into a morning or afternoon appointment that typically starts at 8am to 12pm and then 1pm to 5pm.
  4. Comparative Pricing to other Professions. Window Cleaners charge similar rates to services such as massage therapist charges. With our high insurance rates and the amount of technical gear required to perform the work, our rates would be considered on par with industry standards.
  5. Cheap Warning. There are always cheap as chips type companies out there but l should warn you this is normally for good reason. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” is no different here. Typically when a company is significantly cheaper it should set off a Red Flag. Things such as No Insurance, doing work that is Off the Books, a good chance that they are new to the Window Cleaning Industry with no track record or simply have very poor workmanship. Excellence and cheap have never gone together.
  6. Reputation. Do they or their company’s brand have a good reputation. A company that has high standards will always have many happy clients shouting their praises. Do a Google search as see what comes up, you may just be glad you did.
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